Grow your business with my help
 I'll mentor you every month and help you build, expand and move your business into a higher gear. Whether you have an existing business, new business or a failing business I can help you. 

Want your 'business partner' to come along to an important meeting? 
No problem, just send me your brief and i'll be there to 'back you up' 

I am extremely cost effective at just $497 a month that's less than a basic wage staff member! 

This is a new era so why not engage with a new breed of mentor to shift your business in to a higher gear. 

Monthly mentoring by an expert of more than 30 years business experience.

Business is tough and even tougher when you are a small outfit or one man band. When you are going it alone you don't have the luxury of professional staff that know what they are doing, you have to make all the decisions yourself even if you really don't know what is the right or wrong way. 

My team & I at Black Orchid Holdings LLC can help you take some of the load off your shoulders by mentoring you, guiding you, sourcing for you, even negotiating for you and in some circumstances making the decision for you. 

I'll be your totally confidential 'silent' partner' you can call on whenever you need me. Your competitors won't know what's hit them or what your secret of success is. 

I know what I am doing, I know what makes good business and more importantly what makes bad business. 

I'll be on hand every day to help and advise you. 

I have worked with small local business right up to huge multi-national and global businesses.

Sounds expensive? Not at all - I'll offer you my help & mentoring via email & Skype 5 days a week for just $497 a month

Not sure about an ongoing monthly plan? 
No problem you don't have to stick to a monthly plan of course - try me out for a month and let me prove my worth.
Get It Right & Get Mentored For Fast Results
Thank you for being there David. I know I have emailed you way too many times but you were always there! You have helped me turn my business around.
Ampreet Mali

David, just a quick note to say thanks for all your help over the last 4 months - truly inspirational.
Ian Calbert 

Hey Dave - I certainly would not have pulled off that big contract if you were not there with me! Can I offer you a full time job?? :) 
Peter Chow
dave [at]
Over 30 Years experience